I'm writing this to share my feelings and get it all off my chest since it's well needed.

I fell in love with the most amazing person and we've been together since. He's made my days all the better, treated me more perfect than anyone ever has. He's my headache and my smile and everything in between.

Lately, he's been distant. I tell him, but he doesn't seem to take action on it. I can feel myself slowly becoming sadder and sadder as the days pass and the talking becomes less and less. I create all these crazy conclusions in my head: he's seeing someone else, he's going to leave me, he doesn't love me. It's driving me crazy.

He's all I want and not being able to have him is dreadful. Does he even care to keep me? Would he try and stop me from leaving? I'm too scared to test it, assuming he'll simply let me go. He doesn't tell me he loves me as often, doesn't tell me I'm beautiful anymore.

My heart aches without him, sinking down into my stomach. Maybe it's not meant, but I won't stop thinking it is. I know I might sound crazy for saying I want him forever, as my husband, as my baby daddy, and as everything else, but I know that role is for him and It will always be.

So as much as I'm getting ahead of myself with all the conclusions of what's going to happen, for now, I need to continue to deal with it. I love him, and I know he loves me. He has my heart, he always will.