Day 2: about a good experience

-my first kiss-
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Do you remember, that day in November,
when our hearts were made of ember.

That moment when we got lost in the crowd,
with both our hearts beating so loud,
more in love than it could be allowed.

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Not knowing what would change if we would dare,
the only thing between us, the cold fall air,
and the feeling that everyone stoped and stared.

That was the moment when I pulled you close,
your lips on mine, a kiss that bloomed like a rose,
making me fell like I would overdose.

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Eventhough it was only for a second or maybe two,
the one thing in my mind were you,
So magical I couldn't believe it was true…

So that was my poem about my very first kiss a few years ago.One of my best memories, eventhough we don't get along anymore. It was my first relationship, my first love.
Hopefully you enjoyed it.

xoxo Sunny

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