the day after Tae doesn't go to school cause he has training till late evening, the same goes for jk

au: why am I so sad when tae's not around?!?!
iu: me too...

the girls cry together
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iu confident: we have to be stronger!!
au: you'e right!! it'll happen often when we won't see them for a long time..
iu: exactly, that's why today we'll train without thinking about them
au: let's try...

when the girls finish they decide to visit bts at the training place bringing food for having dinner together
when they arrive at the training place bts are practicing so they don't notice the girls who are watching
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au: *he's so good at dancing... also fascinating I can't stop looking at him
at a certain point a really sexy girl enter the room and teach tae how to do something
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au paralyzed: *she's touching him so naturally... * iu turns to her

when they finish bts notice the girls
bts: hi girls, thanks for coming!
tae: dree!!!!! he runs and hug her tightly
jk: oh iu he reaches her
jk: how are you?
iu: I'm good and u? we were so sad without u guys
she hugs him, jk didn't expected
au: let's eat all together

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bts: thanks for the food!!

jh: you know today jk and tae were really sad
au+iu: awww we too...
au: how is the preparation going?
suga: well, in 2 days we're going to film the video...
jin: we're going to the seaside and staying there for 2 days...
au+iu: ahh...
jk+tae: it'll pass fast don't worry!!

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they hug them
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hyuna: I think you can resist 2 days girls...

bts: oh hyuna!!
_ audrey and iu look at each other perplexed_

tae: she's Hyuna our coreography teacher
au+iu: ahh...
hyuna: well nice to meet u, now I have to leave bye... and don't worry I'll take of your guys that nothing will happen
au *I don't know why but I don't have a good feeling and she's intimidating...

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au *how can she kiss all members including tae and jk that are dating on the cheeks to say bye! maybe I'm just overthinking...

au: can I come to the trip too?

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to be continued...