hello guys!! how are you? im sick again and its so hard bc like you know the feeling when you´re about to sneeze but the sneeze isn´t getting out well that have happened to me like 20 times today. poor me. anyways here are all the tv shows that i just looove


friends, phoebe buffay, and rachel green image friends, chandler, and ross image friends, monica, and chandler image friends, ross, and quotes image
and for those who have never seen friends (??????) its about 6 people and their lifes its like my number one fav


gossip girl, blair waldorf, and Serena Van Der Woodsen image gossip girl, mask, and jenny humphrey image actress, b, and friend image gossip girl, blair waldorf, and blake lively image
My fav tv show after friends and gossip girl is about rich people and dramaaaaaaa so if you like drama its the perfect show for you


teen wolf, tyler posey, and stiles image Image removed teen wolf, boy, and dylan o'brien image Temporarily removed
if you like fantasy and werewolves this is good. its about a teenage boy who gets bitten by a werewolves and it turn his world upside down you can say. but i pretty much watch this show bc of dylan obrien aka stiles stilinski


modern family, funny, and lol image modern family, family, and photo image Temporarily removed modern family image
this is a bop as serie y´all have to watch this if you have´t already. its so funny!!!


fallon, dynasty, and dinastia image dynasty, netflix, and rafael de la fuente image dynasty netflix image dynasty, nathalie kelley, and rafael de la fuente image
its about business and A LOT of drama


gilmore girls and tv show image Image removed alexis bledel, gilmore girls, and rory image book, gilmore girls, and jared padalecki image
this is the perfect fall serie. when i think about this serie i think about fall immediately. it´s a bout Rory who loves books and school. her mom and her have a really close relationship and so on.


sara, love, and Micheal image prison break image Image removed Image removed
so prison break is about a guy who sends to jell while he´s innocent so his brother michael help him to get out by a plan he have planned for like 5 years. it´s very exciting after the first season!!!!!


lawyers, suits, and mike image Image removed quotes, tv show, and gabriel macht image suits, tv show, and harvey specter image
so suits is a good show it´s about a this guy Mike who goes on a interview to be a lawyer even if he hasn´t studdied on harvard but this lawyer guy Harvey hired him anyways soo its a lot of drama (but the real drama starts in season 4 i think) it´s the perfect show if you are instressted to be a lawyer!!!!!!!! and yes its the serie megan markle is in aka the brittish prince harry´s wife

THE 100

gif, love, and bellamy blake image actors, the 100, and cute image bellamy and the 100 image Image removed
the 100 is like the most exciting tv show ever like wow its about people who have lived in space for their entire life and then one day they sends down to the earth and after that they are just trying to survive!!!! season 1-3 are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


jane the virgin and yael grobglas image jane the virgin and yael grobglas image jane the virgin, jane villanueva, and jane gloriana villanueva image jane the virgin image
its about a girl who accidentally gets pregnant without even having sex lol and a lot of other stuff like love life and social life and family...... the last episode of season 4 is like soon confusing!!!!!


insatiable image Temporarily removed patty, debby ryan, and insatiable image Image removed
i know a lot of people have different opinions of this serie and like i was the only person who watch till the end. i don't really know what this serie is about still bc i just watched it bc it was so confusing and like wtf


good girls image
last but not least this serie its about these women who robber a store bc they need money bc of many reasons. its good if you don't have anything else to watch!!!

that´s all for today. like this if you are bored and want more tv shows to watch!! have a great day!