Hello followers and visitors alike. :) I've had my account for quite some time but I've never written an article, which is a shame since writing is one of my biggest passions. I thought my first article should be a self-introduction. If you're one of my followers and see my hearts being added, then you probably have a decent sense of my tastes, thoughts, feelings, and interests. The thing I love the most about WHI is that I have so much freedom of expression. My entire canvas is massive and I've been adding to it for years and years. It has grown and evolved with me. Anyone who takes the time to look over my canvas and collections can learn a great deal about me... perhaps even too much information. ๐Ÿ˜‚ Pictures are worth a thousand words, but in order to truly know me, you must know my voice. Not my actual voice, but my writing voice (which is much more graceful and articulate anyway.)

I don't want to be a stranger, so

Hi. Most of you know me as Undead Angel. My real name is Allissa. ๐Ÿ˜ I'm a 21 year old lady living in Colorado. The girl in the cover image is me IRL. I'm technically an adult, but I feel more like a child with a drinking permit and responsibilities. I work full time at a job I hate, but it's a paycheck. I live with the love of my life: my boyfriend, Steven. (You guys will probably hear more about him since he's the one I spend the majority of my time with.) When I'm not working, I enjoy browsing the internet (mainly YouTube, Wattpad, and WHI), drawing, writing, listening to music, playing video games, getting out in nature, and getting baked.

Fall is my favorite time of year, and Halloween is when my true spirit stretches and comes out of hiding. I enjoy exploring creepy subjects such as serial killers and the supernatural.

fall and adventure image
I took this photo while my mom and I were driving one fall day.

Art is one of the few things I love to do and am decent at. (Perhaps I'll upload some of my works in the future.) I have some experience with just about every medium, but I think my favorite will always be good old fashioned pencil on paper sketches. Those are the ones that I've had the most success turning into masterpieces. I usually sketch something out, color it, and add ink as a finishing touch. I'm a perfectionist, and very self critical of my work, especially in the presence of artists that are overwhelmingly better than me. Nevertheless, I've been perfecting drawing ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil and I will build that skill until the day I die.

Another thing that's been a big part of my life is writing. I don't to it as often as I would like as it is time consuming - not to mention the fact that inspiration isn't guaranteed to be there when I do have free time. I have several characters I've thought up and worked on for years. I feel attached to them as if they are real people.

I love dogs, but I've never been able to have one as a kid. That changed when I got with Steven. With him, I also got my furry step-son, Bug. He's a chihuahua miniature-pinscher mix and kid of an asshole, but I absolutely adore him. <3 He's not too keen on strangers, but once you're part of the family, he will snuggle up to you, grin, and nip any motherfucker who tries to mess with you.

I never pictured myself as a gamer, but my boyfriend introduced me to his PS4 and got me involved with some games I ended up loving. Some of my favorites are Undertale, Life is Strange, Until Dawn, Sims 4, and No Man's Sky.

Music has been a vital part of my life ever since I was a preteen. I have no musical talent, but excellent music taste. Some of the bands I enjoy are Hollywood Undead, All Time Low, Gorillaz, Dirty Heads, Linkin Park, Tom Petty, Imagine Dragons, and Three Days Grace.

I am an advocate for women's and LGBTQ rights. I feel protective of my community, and I want to do what I can to prevent injustice.

Both my boyfriend and I are pretty big stoners. And, no we don't lay on the couch all day doing nothing. Pot is a great natural antidepressant and anti-anxiety medicine. I find myself more clear-headed, relaxed, focused, and creative when I smoke.

Mature image

My dream job is to become a tattoo artist. I love the idea of creating beautiful art on people, knowing that my canvases are walking around displaying my creations. I have no doubt I can do it with practice, but I'm having trouble finding a place to start.

I am completely comfortable with my body and all aspects of my identity. It took many years of overcoming insecurities to get where I am, but it feels great. One of my goals is to empower my followers and encourage them to feel comfortable in their own skin.

If you would like to message me about anything at all, please do. I would love to be more interactive with people on this site.

This is about all I can think of for now. See you guys in my next article! :)