Once upon a time has been my favorite show ever since it first started when I was eleven. It had interesting characters and plot lines that I thought of as really inventive.

I love this show so much that I often like to imagine what it would be like if it wasn't fiction. What if there was a world out there, where fairytales came to life and what if I was a part of it?

I think I have a pretty clear idea on what kind of person I would be like in there..

If you have the energy to read this entire article, I applaud you


  • First name: Fia {in Latin it means "little fiery one"}
  • Last name: Mills
  • Age: 16
  • Specialties:

1. an unusually advanced ability to control fire

2. writing and creating spells

3. remembering many of her dreams in detail

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Fia is the daughter of Regina and Daniel. Regina found out she was pregnant shortly after her first true love had passed. Her mother, Cora, made her give up her baby shortly after she had given birth. She was able to hide her daughter's pregnancy from the whole kingdom with a spell that distorted their sight.

To Cora, it was obvious that her daughter couldn't have married the king, and raised a child whose father was a stable boy at the same time. Regina becoming queen was the highest priority to Cora and besides, she was way too young to have a child anyway.

Cora couldn't stand Regina after she was forced to give up her baby. She was heartbroken and cried during most hours of the day. Cora needed her daughter to act like a queen - to be cold, strong and powerful, so she secretly put forgetting potion in her tea one afternoon. This potion made her forget she ever had a child with Daniel.

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Finding a home
Cora made a deal with Rumpelstiltskin regarding Regina's baby. Well actually, it was more of a favor. Rumpelstiltskin promised to find Fia a good home because if Regina had her daughter in her life, her heart would've been whole and she wouldn't have ended up casting the curse. Rumpelstiltskin knew this, as he was able to see the future.

Fia was given to a royal couple that ruled Camelot before King Arthur's and Queen Guinevere's time. The Queen at that time was called Elisabeth and the King on the other hand, Timothy.

Elisabeth was unable to carry children, so when Rumpelstiltskin offered them Fia, whose mother was soon to become royalty, they felt hopeful.

Knowing that the couple wished to have a very specific kind of child, Rumpelstiltskin assured them that Fia was going to grow up with kindness and
grace in her heart. The Queen and The King were thrilled, but they had no idea what they were in for.

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Childhood and teenage years
It wasn't easy to deal with Fia as a child. She was wild and energetic. She felt things very, very deeply. Feelings of joy led her to jump and sing in the royal garden for hours on end and feelings of anger made objects around her burst into flames. The people she thought were her parents, couldn't figure out what was wrong with her so they began to be afraid of her. Soon, the fear grew into increased control.

For half her childhood, Fia was locked in her own room. She was only let out during royal events and when it was time for her to eat. If she wanted to go outside, she had to have at least three guards around her at all times and she could never leave the area surrounding the castle. There was too big of a risk that she would hurt someone with her powers she couldn't yet control.

On her 14th birthday, Fia got a white horse as a gift and her parents promised she could receive riding lessons outside, around the palace. It was her price for behaving well.

But Fia was starting to grow tired of her parents control. She felt tied down and was desperate to feel free, even if it meant abandoning her parents.

So during one of her riding lessons, when she felt she had learned enough about riding, she rid outside of the path that was meant for her training. The guards were soon ordered to follow her but it was too late. Because of the talent she unknowingly inherited from her father, she didn't need much practice on handling a horse

She wasn't afraid or worried about where she was going to go. All that mattered was that she was finally free.

Fia met Snow-White once before the dark curse. They actually spent a couple days together. Snow taught her some of the best ways of living in the forest and the two also bonded, as they were both princesses who had run away from their parents, ironically..

On her 15th birthday, during an evening when the moon was full, Fia stumbled upon a spell book that was sent to her by Cora from Wonderland. Although Fia's grandmother never spoke with her, she did always watch her from a distance and made sure she was alright. Cora wanted her granddaughter to take up magic so she would have a better chance of surviving. Eventually, Fia did learn how to cast spells, almost as quickly as her mother once did.

Her parents searched for Fia tirelessly, growing worried for her well-being day by day, but they couldn't find her before the Evil Queen cursed the whole kingdom, exactly two years after the day she had run away. It was all very unfortunate because during her freedom she did end up causing a lot of damage and getting away with most of it.

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Fia has long, thick black hair and her father's deep blue eyes. There's something very powerful in her deep, secretive gaze. She has sharp facial features, long lashes, thin eyebrows and luscious, red lips. If you don't know her well, she actually looks very innocent and harmless.

She likes to dress in dark colors, mostly black, in both Storybrooke and the enchanted forest. However, in a place with magic she prefers to wear big dark robes, stolen diamonds and leather boots. In our world, she tends to dress up in tight black jackets, ripped jeans, high heels and high-waisted mini-skirts.

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Fia could never live up to the expectations of the parents she grew up with. She received much more reproach and fear than she did love and acceptance. This, without a doubt, had an effect on her.

It takes a lot to gain Fia's trust. It's even questionable if anyone has ever truly gained it. Like her father, she prefers to walk on her own. She is very independent, strong and courageous.

It would be a mistake not to also mention her intelligence. Fia has always been an analyzer and the kind of person who likes to listen more than speak. This has helped her gain a lot of knowledge and a unique worldview. During the years of being on the run, she quickly learned how to survive by observing people in the enchanted forest and monitoring how they hunted animals and robbed carriages. She has been a persistent fighter ever since her teenage years began.

Although Fia is much more introverted and self-reliant than her true mother, she still has a heart like Regina's. The same sentence that Snow-White once used to describe her mother, could be applied to Fia aswell: "You feel things deeply, you feel things with your whole soul."

Fia doesn't start to love or even like people easily, but when she does, she loves them unconditionally. She is a loyal friend and would die for the people she cares about.

However, it does take a while for her to show her empathetic side or any kind of warmth really. The parents she grew up with always made her feel unloved, which awakened a very destructive darkness in her. The similar hatred her mother has, did lead her to harm and kill more than a few people.

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Because magic is more often than not powered by emotions, Fia is an exceptionally strong witch. She's the best at creating and controlling fire, as she is able to cast whole waves of flames inside a forest with a simple wave of a hand.

Telekinesis, which is the ability to move objects from place to place, is also one of her strong suites, partly because that's what the first spell book she ever found, mostly focused on.

However handling fire and moving things with the power of thought aren't exactly unique talents to have among people who practice magic. The gift that truly made Fia stand out in the enchanted forest, was her ability to write, create and build new spells. This skill turned out to be both great and fatal, as she was once forced to use it by someone even more cold-hearted and powerful than herself - the unsuspecting Evil Queen.

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Most people in both the enchanted forest and Storybrooke, fear Fia. She is mainly avoided, so not many people have been able to decide if they despise her or like her. Most haven't even properly tried to talk to her.

In the enchanted forest Fia never got along with the Evil Queen, who forced her to use her unique gift for her own benefit, threatening to take her back to her parents if she didn't comply. The hatred between them worsened even more when Fia later helped Hansel and Gretel find their father after the Evil Queen had moved them into a huge forest without a map. Of course the relationship between these two changed dramatically later in Storybrooke, when Regina found out Fia is her daughter.

Fia can't stand Mulan, who was on a mission in the enchanted forest for a long time, trying to end the destruction she kept causing. The bad blood between them is partly caused by jealousy. Mulan almost ended Fia's life many times with barely any magical powers. This soldier was able to be strong without any spells, while for Fia, even the thought of that seemed impossible.

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Friends and loved ones

It took a long time for Fia to find out the identity of her true mother. And the aftermath of this revelation didn't arrive without struggles either. However, eventually Fia did take on the role of being Henry's sister and Regina's daughter.

Before the dark curse, Fia spent some time in Neverland. With the stormy background she had with her family, she fit right in with the lost boys and girls. For a while Fia was in a relationship with Peter Pan and actually ended up being the only girl he was able to fall for before his death. The story between this King of Neverland and Fia is too long for this article though, so let's move on.

Fia has always been best friends, or rather best partners in crime with Cruella De Vil, both in the enchanted forest and Storybrooke. They both loved destruction and playing games with people so they fit together perfectly. Fia found Cruella fun and humorous and Cruella looked at Fia like she was the little sister she never had.

Fia likes children and has a tendency to help the little ones in need. Because of their obvious age difference, she never really became friends with Henry, but she once defended him against a group of bullies at school. The two also talked to each other casually and investigated Henry's Storybook. Fia has always cared about the Mayor's son although she's wasn't always entirely sure, why.

When Gretel and Hansel lived without their parents both in the enchanted forest and in Storybrooke during the curse, Fia helped them out too. First she taught them to hunt and then to steal from stores. Her ways may have been ethically questionable, but she did help the kids survive.

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During the curse
In Storybrooke, just like almost everyone else in the enchanted forest, Fia had forgotten about her past aswell as her identity because of the dark curse. Her given name in the world without magic is Valery Lucks. She was first set to live with the royal adopted parents she had run away from.

Although Valery obviously didn't remember how her parents used to treat her, she didn't get along with them in Storybrooke either. The house she lived in still contained strict rules and regulations she didn't want to live by, so she became one of the rebellious teenagers in the small town she couldn't leave from.

Sometimes Valery would disappear for days at a time, stealing from stores to survive and trespassing on private properties for fun. She wasn't alone in her desire to get in trouble though, there were other teenagers in her school that also felt neglected by their parents and she bonded with them well.

Unlike Regina, Valery never had an agenda while she was hurting other people or ruining their property. She just needed to cause chaos so she would forget all the sadness and scars she was hiding in her heart.

Graham never managed to catch Valery when she was committing crime, only the friends she happened to hang out with during her misdeeds. Emma succeeded in arresting her once, but Valery figured out a way to escape from the prison she was in before two days had passed. She was so terribly smart, tricky and infuriating.

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After the curse was broken
Before she found out who she truly was, Fia's behavior and past times didn't face a dramatic change. She did start to spend a lot of time practicing new kinds of ways to use magic and borrowing spell books from the library Bell was running.

Fia may have remembered her name and her history after the curse broke, but she didn't really know who she was. That's why it wasn't surprising when she kept causing trouble and actively looking for it. Fia's life didn't change at all. Now she just had a chance to cause even more destruction with her newly returned magic powers. She was still empty inside and desperate to feel alive, one way or another.

Like I said previously, Fia did eventually become a part of the Mills family. This changed her life almost completely. She slowly started to heal herself by beginning to schedule sessions with Archie Hopper and spending quality time with her newly found mother.

After some time, Fia mastered the art of light magic, abandoning the dark spells she had once hurt so many people with. She also began to train children in Storybrooke, who had similar magical gifts to her.

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I truly hope you liked what I wrote! Please message me if you'd like to see a part two. There are many more details to uncover about Fia