Today Is february 29th, six months after I got my heart broken by the boy I almost loved... Or Maybe I did love him, Maybe thats Why I cant seem to get over him? Or Maybe its the fact that he wont let me. Or maybe it's because I feel utterly lonely right here and now, and as stupid as I am, thinking that going back to old bad habits would make me feel less lonely. Who knows really? I mean I'm just another teenager drunk on the idea that love and only love can heal the pain. Isn't that what we all believe? Isn't that why we all are desperately hoping for? Something, a someone that can heal us, make it all better. Isn't that why we all fear loneliness so much? But we need to realize that there is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with being alone, but maybe loneliness doesn't have anything to do with that, maybe it's a deeper feeling and that the two words have utterly different meanings. Cause being alone is amazing, and healthy, but loneliness, No, I wouldn't have wished that upon my worst enemy. Loneliness is a dark and undesirable feeling, have u ever felt it? Probably, but Hopefully not, but if you have, I promise you that no one, other than yourself can get you out of that. Maybe, if you believe in your other half and destiny and all that; that he or she, could make you feel less lonely or even inspire you to get out of the condition. Yes, condition, I think loneliness has to do with mentality of some kind, it's all in your head, but someone, the right one can get you out of it. That's why I'm reading all the love quotes, why I'm a hopeless romantic and why I wish for love every night at 11.11.

break, deep, and first image

this text I wrote after my very first heartbreak which was about 3 years ago, back then I was oblivious to the fact that it was only one of many heartbreaks I would later experience. Now I do think a lot differently about love, heartbreak and life in general, but I also think the 17 year old me didn't get it all wrong, and she was definitely strong. Love you B.