I'm from brasil so my english is not the best jajajjaja but no one is going to read it anyway jajajjajaj (brigitte pfv n leia serio n leia)

~I study in a very small school, very small and I don't like it very much
~I procrastinate A LOT and thats what I'm doing wright now ;) (don't be like me study hard hahaha)
~I cry A LOT TO MUCH almost every day hahahha (again, don't be like me)
~I've got anxiety hahahaha :)
~I'm vegetarian
~I like drawing but I'm not very good hahahaha
~my english is not very good sorry jajajaja
~I'm on some medicine o fcourse its all natural and spiritual made of weed and cristals hahhaah I think it's helping my anxiety
~I think I'm beautiful but stupid
~I listen to all types of music joji, top, bts, mulamba, sapdl, lofi, mc kevin, djonga etc
~I wish I was less dramatic
~no one is going to read this hahahhahaha
~I wish I didn't feel that I need to be perfect
~my favorite movies are "the castle of cagiliostro", "pan's labirinth", some tarantino movies, "forrest gump", "coraline", "city of god" and some others
~Ilike anime jajajajajaj
~I wish I didnt felt alone lost and stupid
~I prefer waterfalls than beaches or swimming pools
~I'll never lose my viginity BECAUSE I NEVER LOSE jajjajajajjajaja just kidding I already lost my virginity hahahaha
~I hate my fucking english teacher
~I like knifes
~I like hello kitty but I love keropi and bad badtz-maru <3
~I'm going to a new school next year THANK GOD!!!!!!!
~I get really nervous in tests and quizes hahhahahah
~I like history andgeography
~I hate writing hahahah

brigitte se vc leu n comenta cmg se n eu vou ficar mt chateada