So lately I've been wondering what it would be like to be have a pen-pal? I've seen pen-pal requests on We Heart it and I think that I should make a request cause I'm scared to send a postcard.

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I should be able to get over my fear of being to communicate with others.

So here is a bit of myself that some of you could relate to:

Who am I?
• I am 18 years old
• I live in California
• Freshman in College
• College Tutor @ my local High School
• I am a Cancer ♋︎
• Favorite Color: Pastel Pink
•Favorite Flower: Sweet Juliet, English Rose

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Things I'm Interested In
• I love the Era of Ballgowns and everything Victorian
• Writing ✎ ( Many Story in the Process)
• Favorite Book: Mainly Fantasy/Romantic Books
• 💫 Astrology 🌙
• Love learning new things whether it be a new skill or subject
• Love the Aesthetics's
• Enjoy Bullet Journaling 📔
• Music: Kpop 🎼 (EXO-L)
• I want to Travel ✈️

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Favorite Shows
• Mainly KDrama's 🇰🇷 🇨🇳
• Friends
• The Handmaid's Tale
• Sailor Moon 🌙
• Ellen DeGeneres
• Studio Ghibli
• Voltron
• Etc.

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There are many more I just can't think of any.

Languages I know
• English
• Spanish (Some)

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Language I want to Learn
• Korean
• Japanese (Starting to learn)
• Chinese
• Portuguese
• French

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If you are willing to be friends please send a postcard and we could be friends!
Message me on:
→ Twitter: @JackieSempai
→Tumblr:@animeglasses-14 (Personal)
@aesthetic-glasses (Daily Blog)

⚠️ Warning: I am not pretty

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Have a wonderful day!