HI! Well, obviously I've been off for a time ago, like, three moths I guess, the reason was because I didn't get notified If you read my articles (the only two that I have) but that made me feel that it wouldn't be good to write anymore because I though that nobody was gonna read my articles about Interior Design.

pink, interior, and bathroom image

But I know that is not easy to have a lot of readers when you're a principiant writing things in social media. So, having 11 readers in my last articles gave me hope about continues writing about the thing I want to be and to help you know what's interior design.

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SO, YESSS, I'll be back, in a moment. You see, I'm already in university and I had so many things to do but I'll be ready to write for you about the styles, the differences between they and how you can combine the styles that you like!

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Also, I don't want this to get a little bit boring, so, I'll be writing about the music I like, some playlist and whatever I want to share with you. I'm starting to feeling that this will be like my diary, a diary to share with you what I like.

Image by christineharris32

I'll think about sharing my sketches and homeworks with you!