Hello everyone,
for me, this year was full of new situations I had to deal with and I know we all have those times when a lot of changes and we start a new chapter.

This year I finished my apprenticeship, started working in my first job ever and moved out of my first 1-room apartment, into a bigger flat.

Those times can be very exhausting and you may lose yourself for a while. So in this article, I’m trying to give some advice on how to deal with new life situations!

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Don’t stress yourself

If you start a new job or an apprenticeship or start going to a university, you’ll probably be insecure and you’ll probably make mistakes. That’s okay. You’re new, you’re learning. Just keep that in mind!

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Be organized

That’s actually not an easy point for me, because I’m not as organized as I wish I’d be. But keeping your stuff together and knowing where you find important documents will make everything a lot easier! Plus: use a calendar or your phone to remember appointments or deadlines.

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Finding a routine

Try to get your daily routine back as fast as you can. Or improve it. Having a routine will help you to manage your time better. Especially in the beginning. If you’re a to-do lists person: go for it!

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Old traditions

It’s often about simple things. For example, if you always took a bath on Friday evening, take your time to keep doing this. If you always called your friend after school, keep calling her. If you always watched the new episode of your favorite series while eating dinner, keep watching it. And so on and so on... Little traditions help me to not lose myself in times of changes.

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Write in a diary

Writing about what you experienced the day is a good way to reflect and process new impressions. Don’t forget that change is a good thing and be grateful for new opportunities.

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I hope those little tips will be a bit helpful!

If you’re not in a good state of mind right now: put on some good music, grab a book and dream your life away. That always helps.

xx Linda

This article was written by @theresmagicaround on the We Heart It Writers Team