Bonjour Dear Readers
Welcome to my 9th article which I will be creating myself and you will know while you read about my style and dreams. and I want you to Imagine yourself on future, what you want to become and how you will be looking like.

  • Before I start, I want to announce my new Instagram account (@its_hala2). I will be doing a lot of cool stuff on it. there will be positive vibes and great inspiration articles and quotes. I already post some stuff but I have many other ideas to do + I want to connect with people.
  • also I will be posting articles here on WHI every Thursday so stay tuned.
  • Let's start now

✿ Hobbies I love to do

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→ Draw and make a collection of Art

→ writing, because it helps me to organize my thoughts

→ cook

→ Take care of my self

✿ Dream Jobs

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→ Learn business

→ Have a business of my own clothing brand

→ write articles

→ make my own Roblox clothing shop on Roblox

✿ Personality

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→ Smile and be Kind to everyone, Even if they don't. I just want to be a better person.

→ not to let people destroy my personality, and act the way I am.

→ Childish Girl, Just to let myself free.

→ Connect with people and practicing not to be shy to speak out.

→ Cute and Classy

✿ Looks

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→ Simple

→ Girly

→ Cute

→ Black wavy, shiny and soft hair.

  • That's all for today's article
  • Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed reading it or I help you with something.

Published on 19.October.2018