we live in a society where we don't take enough time for the others.

but we should.
we should take each day some time to give love & kindness to the others.
it's so easy to just compliment your friend, someone with a nice dress or who you find smart,...
it's usually tough to give compliments bc maybe like me you're super shy lmao but when you gather your courage and give one, you feel great bc you know you made someone happy.

you won't always see it but giving a little bit of kindness will make the world a better place.

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so maybe set in as one of your goals : giving love & kindness each day to one person.
i did and it made me so happier.

here are a few examples i adress to you :
  • you're gorgeous today
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bc whoever you are and how you look like, you're damn beautiful, even with no makeup unbrushed hair & a big sweater
  • you're so talented !
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whatever your talent is, it's super great and you should be proud of it. even if your talent is binge-wathcing a serie of 5 season in one day lmao (that's mine)
  • you're so funny & make me laugh
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laugh is joy and making me laugh brings joy to my heart so thank you for doing that with memes and funny posts
  • your personality makes my heart go uwu
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that's a tough compliment to say but you get what i mean .-.
  • hello, thank you, have a good day
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that's not like a compliment but that's very heart warming to have someone saying these nice things
  • i admire you / i love you
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ofc you're probably not gonna say that to a stranger but to a fried, it will warm their heart

well that's the end hope you liked it :)

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take care, love you <3

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