I just started writing, without a theme. I think I'll be talking about making mistakes. Or maybe not. I am not sure yet. Or maybe I am scared. Scared of admitting the mistakes I've made. Or maybe I am just procrastinating. I don't know. Lately I've been trying to believe that it is normal to make mistakes, even at a thing that you value a lot. I am just trying to internalize this belief. But it is not easy. I cannot let my self admit that I can make mistakes and that doesn't mean I am an awful human being.

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A point to make here; these mistakes are completely ones from my own about my own craft, not like breaking a heart or hurting another person. Because I believe that is never a mistake, some people just care more than other people and some people just don't think of others feelings. So again never come to the misunderstanding that breaking a persons heart knowingly can be a mistake. Because it is not, you just need to be more careful. Anyways, I had gone out of topic, yes mistakes, flaws, errors. I guess if I just accept that these are also the part of the whole I can understand the meaning.

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I don't know, I am just talking. But I think you had these feelings too at some point of your lives. I guess we should be in the realization that we are not alone, but is this enough for a lasting peace of mind, or not seeing your every mistake. Again, I don't know, I am just trying to figure out like you. Solitude is sometimes the solution and sometimes the enemy. And even though I know that I am loved, it is hard to accept my mistakes, it is hard to keep running, it is hard not to get affected, it is hard not to get hurt.

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good bye for today, take care