"The sun will still rise tomorrow if I kill myself."

"Flower will still bloom if I kill myself."

"The radio will still play upbeat music if I kill myself."

Yes, these things will keep happening. But you know what else will happen?
All the lovers you've had will hold close the pieces of you they have left and wonder if it was something they did that caused it.

Your younger siblings will wish that they had slept in your bed often, because now that you're gone they hardly remember the comfort that they had sleeping next to you.
Your older siblings will think about times you were upset and they never asked what was wrong.
Your best friends will become shells of themselves, beating themselves up for not realizing you were not okay.
Your mother will not be able to walk through the door of your house without looking for your shoes on mat, and wondering if you did this to yourself because she yelled at you for tracking dirt.
Your father will not drink his morning coffee on the couch, because he remembers how many times you sat there with him and ate your cereal.

Yes, the sun will rise, the flowers will bloom, and the radio will play happy songs.

But, without you, we do not want the sun rise, because another day is too painful.
We do not want to see flowers, because how dare the world show us something beautiful when you cannot appreciate it.
We do not want to hear any music, because it reminds us that we will never see you dance again.

Reach out.
Even to someone you never talk to.

Cc: Amirah Najihah (Student of Psychology)