Hi everyone,
since I've been on WHI for a couple years now, I wanted to try and write my first (and probably the last) article. It looks like an impossible task so far, and I'm not that interesting either. My account is probably too small to even be noticed.

Anyhow, let's start.

I'm 19. English isn't my first language, so I apologize in advance for any mistakes I may make. Along with English, I also speak Italian, French, a little German and Spanish, and some weaboo Japanese from my weaboo phase.

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I used to binge on a lot of manga and anime until a couple years ago. I still adore the art and sometimes get nostalgic, so I watch some episodes here and there.

I don't really read a lot of books, but I wish to do so as soon as I get some free time from school. Maybe starting from Harry Potter. I've always been a huge fan, but never got the opportunity to buy all of the books.

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Proud Slytherin.

One author who sparked my interest in reading is Murakami Haruki. I find his writing style to be very close to me, and how I'm like.

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As for music, I used to be well into J-pop and J-rock (my favourite bands being ONE OK ROCK, Ling Tosite Sigure and The Gazette). Lately, I've shifted to K-pop...

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BTS, GOT7, SHINee and EXO are my favourite, and here you have my bias from each group.

I'm a friendly person in the overall, but I'm not social in the slightest. I tend to be distant, reserved and unable to keep friends in the long term. Perhaps I'm simply a difficult person who can't find many groups to fit in. Although I'm sweet, loyal and way too generous to those I absolutely adore (my girlfriend basically), I can be mean, salty and kinda edgy if you're being a b*tch. I'm a tad bit depressed too, yet it just brings the poetry out of me.

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I'm also fond of astrology (I'm a Gemini Sun, Cancer Rising, Leo Moon - worst combo) and all the "dark" things.

If you reached this point, thank you for caring enough about this little account I mainly use to express myself. I'm always here if you need someone to lend an ear. I'm actually a good listener. Just PM me, and I'll answer.

Wish you the best,