Warm Water

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I start out with rinsing my skin with warm/hot water to open up my pores.


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Once my pores are open, I pump a little of my cleanser onto my hands and start gently rubbing it into my skin in circular motions all over my face. The cleanser I use is the Lytic Gel Cleanser by Epionce.

[About the Lytic Gel Cleanser]

-The lytic gel cleanser is meant for combination to oily/problem skin.
-It has a very cooling, minty, and fresh feeling when you apply it onto your skin. Leaves your skin super fresh and smooth.
-It shrinks and minimizes your pores.
-You can buy it online.
-Costs $38.00, but lasts for months!!

Cold Water

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After that, I rinse off my cleanser, but with cold water instead, to close my pores.

Dry My Face

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I then gently dry my face with a small towel or wash cloth.


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I lastly put moisturizer on, so my skin doesn’t get dry. The moisturizer I use is by CeraVe.

[At night]

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At night I will do the exact same steps to my skin, but add a small pea size amount of Differin Gel to my face. This helps with my acne and acne scarring.

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