Day 28: Write a page of a diary

Dear Diary,

That is how you start a diary entry right? I am not sure, I have never been one to keep a diary. I did keep a journal throughout my senior year and tried writing every day about what happened on that day; however, I tend to forget little things like writing in a journal, which is why I wanted to do the journal, and half of it says 'forgot to write.'

Today, I'm just writing about my day. I will write about my Monday morning about a week ago because boy it was eventful.

Normally, I will wake up and listen to music until I am able to drag myself out of my bed and move to the couch, but today, I woke up and thought of an impulsive thing I wanted to do AND I DID IT.

I got out of bed, sat in front of my mirror, and cut my hair... Lemme say it louder for the people in the back... I CUT MY OWN HAIR RIGHT AFTER I WOKE UP.

Now, I am by no means an impulsive person, I am actually quite reserved and the opposite of a risk taker, but for some reason I thought it was a great idea. My hair was in need of a hair cut, bad, and I didn't want to pay someone to do it because I say an inch and they take 5. I may have 5 inches to spare, but that doesn't mean I want to. So I decided to cut an inch off all by myself.

I feel qualified enough, I took three cosmetology classed in school and I watched a couple of YouTube videos, so I did it. I honestly did pretty good. It is straight and pretty even and looks pretty good, but then I found a giant spider in my room.

This is the second spider I have seen since I moved here and I cannot live in these situations. I panicked. I left the room, took a breathe, and went back in determined to kill it, but it was gone. Poof. Thin air. Like it was never there, so I fled the scene and acted like it didn't happen.

I went back like twenty minutes later, when I gathered enough courage, and started looking under things on my floor, it was literally no where to be found. So I am currently thinking about setting the house on fire, and I will fill you in if I go through with it, but that is all I have for today.

I lost the spider and then just started drinking coffee and writing blog posts like normal.

I'm pretty boring.

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today was a pretty boring article and i apologize for it, but we are nearly done with this challenge and the articles just get better from here.