I haven't been able to work having the newborns around. David's been in the studio working on his art. I'm not sure if I like not working or if I miss it.

Timothee does not like being touched. He prefers David over me, too. He barely cries unless he's hungry.

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Monroe is already crawling. She cries, but it's not as bad as other babies.

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Matilda is coming over today with Marley. I want to know what species my babies are so I can care for them appropriately.

There was a knock at the door. Wow, she travels fast. I opened it up. Matilda was standing there. "Hi," she smiled. "Hey. Come in," I said, moving aside.

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She was holding Marley. "Omg. She's growing fast. Timothee and Monroe are still newborns," I said. "Yup! Marley's three already. She insists on wearing this sweater everyday all day," Matilda said.

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"It looks cute. Are you a wolf?" I asked, looking at Marley. She hid her face in Matilda's chest. "She's a witch pretending to be a wolf," Matilda said. "The babies are in their room upstairs," I told her. "Alright. I'll be right back," she said, putting Marley on the ground. Matilda headed upstairs. "I'm Raven," I told Marley. She peeked at me through her hair. "Do you like cookies?" I asked, hoping she'd warm up to me. She nodded slowly. "Come to the kitchen," I said, walking there. I heard her little footsteps behind me. I picked up the tray of cookies and offered them to her. Her eyes went wide and took a pumpkin one. "Tanks," she replied softy. "You are very welcome," I said.

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Matilda came downstairs a few moments later. "So...Monroe is a wolf and Timothee is god of night...he's going to be a dark one...I can feel the darkness around him already...he's prone to having negative energies latching onto him, so I shielded him in protective light...the issue is he chooses his fate. He can give into the darkness or he can learn to protect himself from it. As he gets older, of course," Matilda explained. This was not the news I was anticipating. "Is he going to be ok?" I asked. "He's healthy. You'll just have to keep an eye on him and his behavior. Good news is you only have one kid to worry about," Matilda said. Marley clung to Matilda's leg. I sighed. "Thank you for your help," I said. "Anytime. Call if you need anything," she replied. "I will," I said. "Say goodbye to Auntie Raven," Matilda told Marley. Marley peeked up from her too big of a sweater and waved. "Tanks fo the cookie," she said. I smiled and gave her the rest in a bag. "Aw, thank you Raven," Matilda said. "Least I can do," I replied. And then they were gone. I was stuck with my overprotective brain telling me to watch Timothee's every move while also dreading his growth. Life was going to get a lot more challenging.