"The light that comes and the light that goes". That is all. That is all it has to do with travelling. Going elsewhere and coming back...every time. That is the beauty and the charm of travelling.

You will hear many argue that travelling is all about meeting new cultures, finding yourself via the eyes of the others, not being afraid of the different and exploring the unknown. Yes, it is true. Travelling includes all these multivarious aspects that change one's personality, broaden our horizons, extends our scope of viewing things. Like a kaleidoscope, it enables us to take in the light and translate it into various bizarre visual shapes. As such, it brings us to a point where what we were used to, is not the same, it cannot be seen equally anymore. The perspective of the world alters and evolves.

But despite all the above-mentioned, to travel, I would argue, bears another immanence. Travelling is so important because it forces us each time to lose something and thus to appreciate it all over again. Every journey concerns the loss of our homeland, our dearest people, friends and family. And then, when you create new "family" and new "friends" in another place, returning back consequently makes you miss those as well. Travelling is all about learning to appreciate the temporarily of being. The most essential thing is its power to display what is most important in life. Back and forth, among places, among people, among feelings, among time points.

Everyone refers to what you find, what you discover while travelling. In my mind though, travelling is everything you miss, every time you are elsewhere and fight not to forget where you 've been before. The present is continuously battling with the past and the idea of the future is the scariest but at the same time the brightest component of pushing us moving forward. No journey is just a spatial trip, but simultaneously a temporal navigation.

From past to present, from my hometown to a foreign city, and to the future to come, to my chances of going elsewhere, to my chances of coming home, to my chances of living, to my chance I won't...