So I´ve been to Spain the past few days and I had a wonderful time. I also turned 18. Therefore I prefered to take a longer break from writting to only focus on myself. I really needed that.

But anyway I´m back now and today I´m writting about a person who inspires me.

Of course my mother is the person who inspires me the most, because she is such a strong and independ woman. She deserves the world.

But I´m going to write about someone else, because this person is pure good and I admire her so much.

The person I´m talking about is Hannah Shawn, also known as kittten lady. If you don´t know who she is please go visit her instagram or youtube channel. She does deserve more attention for her amazing work.

As you maybe know, I´m a huge animal lover. About a year ago, I adopted a little kitten. She was born in the cold at a farm 2 hours away from my hometown. At that time my family and I wanted to get a cat and we were searching for some newborn cats in the surroundings. We got many turndowns and we suddenly lost hope. But then a colleague of my mother found an older couple who had 2 little kittens on their farm and who was going to give them away. We immediatley said yes and got one of them a week later, not knowing about her bad health situation. She was very, very sick and I was worried that she wouldn´t make it. But she is a survivor and now she is a happy and grown up cat and I just love her so much.

Anyway Hannah rescues little kittens. On her youtube channel she clarifys things like how to treat ill kittens or she explains things like kill shelters or TNR. She loves what she does and as I said before she is such an amazing person. I admire her work so much. Sadly I´m not able to foster some kittens like she does, because I don´t have the capacities.

I hope I could inspire you to check her out. Please show her some love.

cat, animal, and cute image cat, animal, and cute image