Last week while babysitting, I went with the kids to the park of Hélécine. Such a beautiful park, if anyone is interested in visiting it. Every weekend theirs all kinds of stuff to do their.

Now while the kids were playing, I decided to have some lunch because I hadn’t eaten yet. I ordered the vol au vent in the pop-up bar. The service was great, they are honestly really friendly their and the owner well I think it was the owner, looks like you could have a good laugh with him.

Now the vol au vent itself was delicious! But the salad was a bit sad, a bit of lettuce and one slice of a tomato and I wasn’t a fan of the dressing on it. I don’t know what it was, but the taste was way to strong for me. The french fries (actually Belgium fries but who cares) were good, not the best I had but I did like them.

Enjoy your meal!