The other week I went out for lunch with my mom, we decided to go to this new bistro close by. This place has changed so many times, every time a different owner and every time a different restaurant. So the new place is called Bistrot La Rocade by Sophie.

Anyway, looking through the menu I was thinking should I play it safe and choose something I could eat and make at home or should I try something new? Well, I chose something new. Looking in the section of the pasta’s (as usual I am a pasta kind of gal) I saw something that looked nice. Penne Toscane, sounds delicious right? It’s penne in a cheese cream sauce, with spinach and tomatoes. I was so right! It was absolutely my new favourite dish! Absolutely, incredibly delicious!

Now to talk about the service and interiour. The service was excellent, they were friendly, gave you time to look at the menu and even help you out if you need it. The inside is really cute and modern. The only weird part, but original about it, is that you are able to buy the decorations that are hanging there! Yes, you read it right. You can buy the decorations in the RESTAURANT. Cool isn’t it?