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Well, here goes my 30-day writing challenge lol.
I've talked about how "What If" can be completely useless in terms of life. That was my very first article and so fat the most successful of them all.
tbh I'm very proud of it, but, today's article is about writing. Specifically, how what if can turn into your knight in shining armor that saves you from a writer's block.
When writing the scariest sight is the blinking black line on a white background. I've been there. The most important tip on facing the black demon came from my freshman year writing teacher.
The tip was, whenever you can't think of anything to write ask questions. That way you might get onto an interesting perspective. What would the wallpaper in my room say if it could talk? what if...?
Then write, without thinking, write whatever comes to mind. You might end up digging up something you never thought to write about in the first place, or something you never even thought was there.
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What if every single time we wrote something we were creating a world without even knowing it? What if our lives were nothing but mere curved lines of ink on paper? What if the walls could talk? what would they say about me? what would they tell about the people that were there before me? is the story repeating itself? do they see me as I can not? or do they agree that I'm nothing but a lazy sloth with a keyboard and chronic procrastination?
It can take you to all the different places. Inspire and bring new ideas. Hope this was helpful, try it out, trust me, don't think. - So (lo)n(g) and go(o)d night -Angelinp(u)rga(t)ory