I parked Alec's car on the dirt just before the field. I've only known Swan for two days, but I like her and Oona. I thought I'd take the time to get to know her more.

Swan took Oona out of her carseat. Oona pointed at the flowers and giggled. "You like flowers, huh, baby," Swan said, scooping her up.

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I smiled. "How old are you?" I asked her. She seemed young, but mature. "20," Swan replied. "Oh my. You are young. I'm 28," I said. "You're not that old," Swan told me. "Eh. Older than you at least," I said. I grabbed a sheet from the trunk and we were on our way to find a nice spot in the flowers. "Who's the oldest sibling?" she asked. "Katherine, then me, then Audrey," I said. Swan nodded.

Oona ran to a pink rose and I put the sheet down. Swan and I took a seat facing Oona. She was running around smelling all the flowers. "She's adorable," I said. Swan laughed. "Thank you," she replied. "Be careful!" she called out to her.

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"Looking forward to having another little girl?" I asked. "Yeah...I'm a bit nervous...Cora is the one who impregnated me and she always has a plan, so I don't know what I'm getting into," she said, looking at the ground. "I never liked Cora. Audrey told me about what she does to that family and their kids. It's messed up. Katherine's bad, but she's not as bad as Cora," I explained. "Katherine offered to raise the new baby, but I declined her offer...she said she always wanted a baby," she confessed. Wow. I did not know this. "I'm not sure she has the patience to be a mother," I said. It was the truth. Katherine couldn't keep fish alive. I'm pretty sure she lacks empathy as well. Swan may be young, but I can tell she's not a sociopath. "Where do you work?" Swan asked. "I'm a detective," I said. She seemed shocked yet excited. "That is so cool. Is it like the shows?" she asked. I laughed. "Kind of, yeah," I replied. "What about you?" I asked. "I don't have a job. I'm scared to leave Oona alone. Charlie, Oona's dad, came from a rich family and left me enough money for us to live off of the rest of our lives," she said, sounding sad. "I'm sorry...Cora had something to do with the death of him?" I asked, hoping I wasn't pushing too much. She nodded. I wish there was something I could do to bring Cora down.

I sat there and watched Oona. Knowing Cora, the baby inside of Swan was going to be dangerous. I kept those thoughts to myself, though. She got lucky with Oona, that's for sure.