Okay so it's been about a month or two since school has started,i know school might not be the best for some of y'all but honestly it's a whole process to get back into the sync of essay's,homework,and presentations
but here are a few tips on how to achieve your dream grades in school.

1.be consistent from the start.
meaning to start writing study notes and studying or practicing from the beggining of the school year,by doing this you will really just set a routine for yourself,and honestly continuous effort makes it easier for you to do exams because everything is set in your mind from a long time.And you wont cram last minute or pull all nighter.

its really important to organize all your work into folders or binders.worksheets,essays's,homework,test papers might get lost so it's vital to organize them properly in a folder or binder.it makes it easier to revise in the future.

3.pass papers
the best way to examine yourself on what you have studied at home pass papers.pass papers are exam papers whiich have been given to student in the past,you can eaily find these online just type in pass papers,the subject you want it on,and the grade you are in.pass papers are a great way to practice because similar type of questions might end up in your exams

4.correct your mistakes
look at the last exam paper,just take a careful look at all the questions you got wrong,and then ask your friends, look back at your textbook or ask your subject teacher what the correct answer is,because this might help you do your next exam paper.suppose a similar question comes this time you would get it right because you got this question wrong last time, and this time you will remeber the correct answer you got from your subject teacher.

thats all I had,hopefully you try out any of these tips.
goodluck for the rest of the school year