There is nothing in nature that blooms all year long, so don't expect yourself to do so either.

We all have our days when we feel on top of our game, and ready to conquer the world.
We also have those days when something feels off, and we don't feel like ourselves.
We also have some days when nothing goes right, and we just want to curl up in our beds and cry.

And it's all okay. And self care plays an important role in that.

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Self care is basically meant to fuel us, to improve our physical and mental health, and to literally care for ourselves and our wellbeing. It is vital for our happiness in all seasons, but I know that a lot of people love summer, and then when autumn comes they don't really like it and feel "depressed" (not like an actual mental illness, but more of a temporary feeling) and want something to cheer them up and to improve their mood.

In this article I included a lot of activities to put you in the fall mood and make you happy, but there are many things you can do in all seasons. Try to do each one atleast once if possible. Also make sure you do atleast one self care action a day, they don't have to be from this list tho. If you keep doing it every day, your health and happiness will improve drastically!!

This took a longer turn than I expected, so without further ado, let's begin with the actual purpose of the article :)

• Get your cozy pajamas out of the closet (or buy new ones if needed)

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• Change your bedsheets if you haven't done it in a while!! It will make you feel super refreshed when going to sleep

• Start a skincare routine if you haven't already

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• Buy new autumn clothes

• Choose one day to not use any social media. Unplug completely and enjoy the day!!

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• Try journalling. Just let your thoughts flow and write them down on a piece (or pieces) of paper. If you like it, keep doing it everyday, although I know it's not for everyone.

• Make a cup of tea/hot chocolate or other basic autumn drink lol

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• Write down things you are grateful for

• Use body lotion every once in a while

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• Go on a relaxing walk, in the park, through the streets, anywhere!! Just make sure you get a lot of fresh air

• Bake something with pumpkins, cinnamon, apples or other traditional autumn food

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• Watch a Halloween/autumn themed movie

• Try meditating, let go of all stress

• Have a photoshoot/do photography in nature

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• Do a face/hair mask

• Get cozy and read a gooood book

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• Draw something if you like it

• Have a mani/pedi in a nail salon or do it yourself

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• Have a massage

• Write a letter to yourself

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• Listen to music and make an autumn playlist

• Write in a Bullet Journal and plan your day/week/future

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• Watch a TED talk about a topic that interests you

• Do a digital detox. Unfollow negative/unnecesarry people on social media, organize your theme, delete pictures/apps that you don't need...

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• Catch up with a friend you haven't seen in a while

• Work out/stretch/do yoga

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• Get a haircut

• Practice positivity. Try not to complain and put yourself/others down for a whole day

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• Do your makeup if you are interested in it

• Buy some flowers/plants for your room

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• Open a window and let some fresh air in

• Do some goal planning/reflecting

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• Cuddle with your pet if you have one

This is all I've got for now!! You now have 33 self care ideas, but feel free to add any new ones if you think of them. I will try to do these as well, and I honestly can't wait!! I hope you enjoyed this article and that you will enjoy these self care activites.

See you in my next article ♡

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