long time no see with the articles...

but i'm back!

because i recently got 2000 followers, which i'm very happy about, i wanted to let you guys know some facts about me.

i shall say let's begin;

1. i don't like it when people talk loud or are very loud and noisy in general.

2. i love sleeping in a really cold room.

3. i don't like bloody hot weather.

4. i love layering clothes or winter clothes in general.

5. when i'm older i want a dog or cat, but my dad is allergic to cats so that's going to be difficult.

6. i love plants.

7. my favourite colours are yellow, pink and blue.

8. i love the look of turtlenecks, but sometimes they can itch my neck so i don't wear them that often.

9. i can be a grumpy person.

10. i have my sarcastic moments.

11. i like cleaning.

12. i like being alone.

13. i love chocolate milk.

14. i absolutely enjoy and love kpop.

15. i love listening to music with earphones in, because background noises fade away and i can enjoy the music more.

16. something can quickly affect my mood.

17. i'm an emotional person, but i don't like showing weakness or crying in front of people.

18. i like making jokes.

19. i have freckles.

20. i love italian food

21. and japanese food.

22. i like to travel, but the first day i always have to get used to the environment.

23. i love going for a walk in the fall or winter.

24. i don't like it when people eat or touch my food without permission.

25. i like drinking cola without bubbles.

26. i can hold my pee for a very long time.

27. i cannot fall asleep when i hear someone snoring.

28. most of the time have cold hands or feet.

29. i don't like it when people have the feeling that they have to touch me the whole time.

30. i do not really like hugs, only from certain people.

31. i would love to play an instrument.

32. i still haven't find out what my real talent is.

33. i like going to theme parks.

34. my favourite flowers are sunflowers.

35. i love the smell of rose scented stuff and my favourite perfume.

36. i'm afraid of snails, birds

37. and balloons.

38. i never watch tv.

39. i enjoy watching anime.

40. my favourite movies are "spirited away", "grease", "the last song", "love, rosie" and some marvel movies.

41. my favourite disney/pixar movies are "finding nemo" and "monsters inc.".

42. i love reading.

43, i don't enjoy bright places.

44. i get easily red when i'm embarrassed.

45. i don't like walking through a busy crowd.

46. if people have a certain vibe around them that i don't enjoy, i can feel really uncomfortable.

47. i have dyscalculia, my brain just doesn't consist of any type of calculations.

48. i find it annoying when someone is interfering with things i have to take care of myself.

49. i'm a cancer sun and capricorn moon.

50. i love reading and talking about astrology.

i hope you guys enjoyed reading and learning a little bit more about me,
i would love to write more articles in the future for you.

i really appreciate y'all.

for now have a goodmorning, good afternoon or good night,

and try to spread love and be yourself,

love, me x