Hey you. Look... I'm sorry. You're way cooler than your elementary school peers made you believe. And your mom and dad are the dopest people, really they are. Of course, today, you already know that. And your face is more than okay. It's magic and your smile makes you a thousand times prettier. But that's not even the point. Pretty is so passé. Really, it's so overrated. Not in a way that I don't care if I look like a goblin, but you are essence. Everyone is. You are a sister and a daughter and a granddaughter and a friend. And a really important girl to some. It's not your face or your body that made that connection with other people. It's your heart and your intentions and intelligence. Yes, now we're getting somewhere.
Also, you were cool for bringing a homemade sandwich to school. Shame you let them make you feel like that was lame and "uncool". And so what if you had a tragic haircut. Yeah, I know. But that's cool too. You were so chill and unbothered by the stigma.
Sorry that sometimes you felt like you were lame and boring. Because damn. THEY are the ones who now have nothing in their brains and hearts. They are sad and unfulfilled. And you, well, you already know it. You have just begun. And the future sure looks bright. Girl... you better invest in some good-ass shades.