Hi! Today I'm gonna do another A - Z tag. But this time for songs that are in my music library. There isn't a specific genre of music that I really really love. Sometimes I listen to R&B, sometimes indie, or pop or combination of both. I would say I listen more of indie recently and discover most of them on Youtube. Now, let's begin with the letter, A!
-Credits to the people who started doing this kind of article.-

A - A 1000 Times by Hamilton Leithauser + Rostam

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You guys probably heard of this song from the television series, 13 Reasons Why. I watched it. I read the book. I just love the feelings I get everytime I listen to it.

B - Blue in My Eyes by NLSN ft Lisa Rowe

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I discovered this song when I was looking at this channel I subscribed to on Youtube. Tbh Youtube is a awesome place to discover new songs.

C - Choirs by Ashe

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More than couple of songs for the letter C. I want to list down Colors by Halsey. I love that song but I decided to changed it to Choirs by Ashe. When I first listen to Ashe's voice in a song collab of her with Whethan (Can't Hide), I was like "this girl sounds like Halsey." or maybe it's just me.

*D - Dear Insecurity by Gnash ft Ben Abraham *

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I pick this song for letter D. I wish that one day I can completely overcome my insecurity and really feel good about myself.

E - Easy Love by Lauv

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Another good song discovered on Youtube. Big hearts for most of his songs.

F - Flare Gun by Quinn XCII ft Chelsea Cutler

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One of the songs I love listening to with the two of them collab.

G - Gon Blow by Cake Da Killa ft Rye Rye

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This is probably the first hip pop song in this tag. I knew this song from a Buzzfeed video (yesh I love Buzzfeed!) that is directed and produced by the talented Eugene Lee Yang. I watched the choreography version of "The History of Queer Dance" and this song is so addictive! And I almost broke the replay button tho.

H - Hatefuck by Cruel Youth

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One of the album arts of this song looks like Natalia Kills so I did a little research. Turn out that she IS the singer. (There are a lot of my favourites that starts with H but too bad I can only pick one.)

I - Into You by Ariana Grande

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One of my favourites by Ariana Grande. I listen to most of her songs. My crush played this song and say "Let's play your favourite." when I was in his car that one time.

J - Just A Little Bit of Your Heart by Ariana Grande

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Again, Ariana Grande.

K - Kamikaze by MØ

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A song from the movie "Nerve".

L - Let Me Down Slowly by Alec Benjamin

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From Youtube again.

M - Midnight Moon by Oh Wonder

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Oh Wonder, great song. Hearts hearts hearts!

N - Now or Never by Halsey

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I love listening to most of her songs.

O - One Last Song by Sam Smith

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I am a year late for his The Thrill of It All album. Last month, I just sat and listen to the whole album. Most of the songs in the album are nice.

P - Pure Luck by Ninajirachi ft Freya Staer

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I love this song so much that I used it as my ringtone!

Q - Quit by Cashmere Cat ft Ariana Grande

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This is the only song that start with the letter q in my music library. Still love it.

R - Rock n Roll by EDEN

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EDEN's music. Raining day. A cup of coffee. Dark room. Just perfect.

S - Strawberries and Cigarette by Troye Sivan

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I have A LOT of favourite that start with S. But I pick this song.

T - That's so Us by Allie X

couple, love, and boy image kiss, love, and black and white image

U - Ultralife by Oh Wonder

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I just heart Oh Wonder so much.

V - Versace on The Floor by Bruno Mars

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It's just sounds sooo romantic!

W - Without You by Oh Wonder

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I will say this again. I just heart them so much.

X - XO by EDEN

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The only song in my library that start with X.

Y - Your Name by Charlie Puth

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A cute and happy song by the cutie Charlie Puth.

Z - Nothing

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I have nothing that start with Z.

And that's all for this post. Thank you for reading 💕
(PS. I'm suppose to post this weeks ago. But laziness gets to me and I finally finished it today. 😂)