[This article is based on the official pottermore website and inspired by @Zeynep_bestlifes ]

hogwarts house

Image removed harry potter, slytherin, and draco malfoy image green, slytherin, and aesthetic image slytherin, green, and snake image


fox and animal image Image by ARISTATA fox, girl, and pale image snow and fox image

my wand

book, harry potter, and light image aesthetic, dumbledore, and harrypotter image harry potter, book, and magic image Temporarily removed
beech wood with a unicorn hair core 9 3/4 and brittle flexibility


Image removed aesthetic, cage, and white image Image by loolo Image removed
snow owl

my ilvermony house

harry potter, ilvermorny, and pukwudgie image light image book, vintage, and indie image harry potter, ilvermorny, and pukwudgie image

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