Hello lovely people!! Here is another article, which is about a productive morning routine! This is sort of an interpretation of my normal morning routine (for week days, anyway!), give or take a few features! I hope you enjoy it!

6 - 6:15 am

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Take this time to wake up! Do some stretches, read or plan for the day.

6:15 - 6:40 am

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This is the time to get dressed, get your hair done, have a shower or do your makeup.

6:40 - 7 am

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Now, make yourself a delicious, healthy breakfast! Some ideas are: - yoghurt, oatmeal and fruit layered in a mason jar - toast with banana or peanut butter - apple crumble porridge - banana bread - add some coffee or tea and you've got yourself a breakfast!

7:00 - 7:05 am

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Brush your teeth every morning!! It helps (trust me).

7:05 - 7:25 am

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Squeeze in a study session, and catch up on some homework or reading.

7:25 - 7:30 am

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Pack your bag, ready for the day. For school or Uni, I recommend a water bottle, lunch, a few notebooks and a pencil case. For work, bring what you are required to bring plus a notebook, small pencil case, lunch and water bottle. For a day out, pack a bag with money, a water bottle and your phone.

7:30 am

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now, make your way to wherever you need to go! May that be work, school or an adventure out!

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful <3
See you soon in another article,

Connie xoxo