My friend has always loved Asian Dramas among others and when I wanted to start watching, she flooded me with so many titles that I didn't know where to begin with! So, if you want to start or maybe just began watching asian dramas, here is a short list that will ease you into liking them. I acknowledge that there are numerous genres and dramas and maybe if you are a "professional drama watcher" you have seen all, if not most of them. This is mainly for newbies like me :p

1. My Amazing Boyfriend (Available on Youtube with eng sub)
Genre: Romantic Comedy with a dash of suspense and supernatural

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Synopsis: An immortal being who has been asleep for a century is accidentally awakened by a B-list actress, who in then forced to share her home with him while he seeks revenge from his enemy. Eventually, love blossoms between them.

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My opinion: This was the first chinese drama i ever watched and i loved it. it was definitely very predictable but it was quirky and i fell for the cute actress and the brooding actor. Very fun to watch. Plus their chemistry is out of the world!

2. My Little princess (available on youtube with engsubs)
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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Synopsis: Li Xing Chen is a rich heiress who thinks she is cursed with a fate that she will not be loved back by the man who she has her eyes on. She decides to win the heart of a rich heir but she also meets a poor but very talented senior on her journey.

My opinion: This is your traditional teen romcom. Again the plot is sweet but not mindblowing. I liked it because the main actress played her part well and I sympathised with her since she hid a vulnerable side of her by showcasing herself as a rich brat. Recommend if you like "hate-love relationships"

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3. Because this is my first life (Available on

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Synopsis: A homeless assistant screenwriter agrees to a marriage contract so that she can keep living in a house owned by a quirky computer designer. They slowly fall for each other.

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My opinion: This drama holds a special place in my heart. They fall for each other subtly and softly. The plot also develops the story line of the other supporting characters which makes the story feel wholesome since it gives them worries of their own. Also: The cat is the best actress ever xP

4. Fight My way (Available on
Genre: Romantic Comedy

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Synopsis: Four friends who sacrificed their dreams and are struggling to survive by working in positions that are unrelated to their goals decide for pursue their dreams. Love blossoms between Choi Ae Ra and Dong Man, childhood friends who have always been secretly attracted to each other. The other two friends Seol-Hee and Joo-Man who have been dating for 6 years have to put their love through test.

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My opinion: The chemistry between the lead is fiery! Their jealous moments are cute as hell and their will to fulfill their dreams is admirable. I liked the second leads'story too. A very realistic plot. Highly recommend!

5. Devilish Joy (available on
Genre: Romance/ Mystery

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Synopsis: A beautifully strange love story between a genius doctor who has short-term amnesia and forgets what happened the previous day and a previous top actress who has been falsely accused of murder.

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My opinion: It's a new drama so I have to wait for the episodes but so far, I love the plot. The couple's romantic ways and low key flirting gives me butterflies and warms my heart. I am obsessed with it.

Thank you for reading it!