Hey all, this is my first article and I thought it would be fun to do the abc tag, so here we are I guess. Lets go:


15, age, and art image gif image girl, snow, and winter image Mature image

B-best feature

eyes, eye, and green image eyes, green, and eye image makeup, eyes, and eye image
my green/brown eyes

C- colour

blue, eyes, and aesthetic image blue, stairs, and aesthetic image green, aesthetic, and nature image green, slytherin, and door image
either greyish blue or emerald green

D- drink of choice

lemonade, lemon, and drink image lemon, drink, and lemonade image

E- everyday starts with

newspaper, bed, and morning image Temporarily removed
wishing I was still asleep

F- favourite food

food, sushi, and fish image food, fries, and yummy image
SUSHII and French fries for life

G- greatest passion(s)

summer, water, and legs image Temporarily removed fashion, celine, and style image girl, bed, and aesthetic image

H- Hogwarts house

slytherin, green, and harry potter image slytherin image Image removed harry potter, slytherin, and draco malfoy image
SLYTHERIN (obvs the best house)

I- in love with (films)

Image removed Image removed Image removed Temporarily removed
James Bond, Harry Potter, Clueless, Ten things I hate about you

J- job (in the future- hopefully)

study, aesthetic, and school image Temporarily removed

K- kids (also future)

Inspiring Image on We Heart It Mature image baby, black and white, and blonde image
three boys- I know you can't control the gender, but still

L- least favourite school subject

book, reading, and photography image Temporarily removed

M- mood currently

Image removed autumn, cafe, and caffeine image

N- nationality

amazing, apple, and beautiful image photo and Queen image tea, cup, and vintage image Awakening, britain, and countryside image

O- one of my favourite songs

movie, quote, and quotes image
Mr Brightside - The Killers

P- pets (right now)

Temporarily removed dog, animal, and puppy image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
two vizslas

Q- queens right now

emma stone, black and white, and beauty image emma watson, beauty, and harry potter image model and victoria's secret‎ image Temporarily removed
emma stone, emma Watson, romee strijd, beyonce

R- reasons to smile and laugh

Image removed hug, simpsons, and black and white image
amazing friends and family

S- siblings

baby, family, and adorable image kids, fun, and child image
one younger brother

T- tv show

friends, quotes, and rachel green image grey's anatomy, meredith grey, and callie torres image
friends and greys anatomy

U- underwater creature

Temporarily removed animals, girl, and ocean image
whale shark and manta rays

V- vacation dream

mountains, road, and nature image beach, hawaii, and nature image beach, summer, and sea image city, new york, and beautiful image
new Zealand, Hawaii, bora bora, new York

W- worst habit

quotes, pink, and procrastinate image
procrastinating EVERYTHING

X- x-rays

Temporarily removed love, you, and heart image
only for my braces

Y- your dream bedroom

Temporarily removed bedroom, home, and room image room, plants, and aesthetic image bedroom, dog, and home image

Z- zodiac sign

girl, glasses, and hair image aesthetic, book, and girl image virgo, flowers, and zodiac image girl and lena kaplevska image

well that's it for this post I hoped you liked it xxx