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When you don't seek for something, it is when it comes.

I never thought of it like it was true, but you changed that.

I have known you since first year in college, kwoning each other in just hellos and goodbyes, but now it is different.
We started talking, and I changed my perspective of you, I liked you as a nice friend.
But the more we get together, the more I coud easily see you different.

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Knowing you is my favorite part, what you llike, what you don't like, which is your favorite hobby, where you like to go, your favorite place, etc.

I want to see you smile, laugh, joke around, I love seeing you that way.
Even if we aren't together, seeing you around is nice, it feels nice.

"go for it, asked him to go out, or just for a coffee"
So easy to say...

I don't know what could be the story here, but I hope is a beauitful one.