I told myself
It was my fate
An endless path of no escape
Retracing every step
A dizzy, blurried blue

I taught myself to fall in love
With all that I already knew
Mesmerized by every line
Familiar and undisguised

An echo
ringing blue

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Such a lovely loneliness
Such comfort in the twist
Such empathetic agony
Such a welcoming abyss

Till one day
My path swerved
Just slightly
And that day
I met you

Something better
Something brighter
My tired eyes
Had missed

Something that glowed
And stirred my soul
What is this?

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But despite the careful questioning
And each doubt in my mind
I could not help but fall in love
For the first, most real time

Another realm captured my fate
The blue banished beyond
And every single cloud of rain
And tears
was quickly gone

Hello to
To a love so strong
Now I know that
will do

How could
I possibly
A song as kind
as you?

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thanks for stopping by! love you lovelies all so much <3