In this part of let's learn Korean, I will show you the Korean equivalent to Please.


There is no 100% equivalent to 'please' in Korean but when translated it is associated with, please.

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제발 (Jae-bal)- This is a more emotional version of, please. You would use this when asking for forgiveness or when you're being dramatic in a certain scenario. You can also use 제발 to say "For goodness' sake."

Different ways to use, please-

커피주세요 (Kuh-pee Joo-sae-yo)- This is formal and you would use it for those who are older than you and to strangers, such as waiters and waitresses.
You can substitute 커피 (Kuh-pee) for other nouns such as 사탕 (Sah-tang) which means candy or 던 (Don) which means money.
To make a sentence informal just use 줘 (Jwo) like 커핒줘 (Kuh-pee Jwo).

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드세요 ( Deu-sae-yo)- Please eat. This is formal.
오세요 (Oh-sae-yo)- Please come over. This is formal.
가세요 (Gah-sae-yo- Please go/leave. This is formal.
세요 (Sae-yo) suggests please but that doesn't mean every sentence with 세요 is, please. For example: Without a question mark 절믿으세요 (Juhl-meed-eu-sae-yo) means 'Please believe me' but if you add a question mark it means 'Do you believe me?'