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It's day 6 and I almost forgot to write today's article! Oops...

Day 6; If you ran away, where would you go?

I've never really thought about where I'd run to if I wanted to run away. Now that I have to think about, I'd say that I'd go back to where I used to live. I've moved around a bit in my life so I never got to grow up and live in one house until I go off to university.
Victoria, BC is where I would go. British Columbia was the first place I every really called home, I wasn't born in BC but, it's my home. I'm truly and island kid at heart. I need the beach to function, since moving, I barely go outside. It's just to cold here for me, not my kind of climate.
So I'd go there, I have friends that I could stay with and I'd never ever come back to where I live now. I was always a happy kid in BC. Not here though, here I've been unhappy and negative. My life has gone awry. I'd leave for Victoria tomorrow if I could. But I can't, so I'll wait until I go off to university and never come back.

bc, canada, and victoria image canada, night time, and victoria image
My dad used to work near the lighthouse pictured above. The legislative building on the right is always super pretty near Christmas time.

Okay that's my little ramble for the day... I hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading!


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