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It's been so long since my last article I almost forgot what it feels like to write. Anyway, enjoy ♡


I wanna talk about depression, but not the side of it that everyone think they know. I wanna talk about what it's really like to be depressed.

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You constantly have the impression of drowning. Of not knowing who you are, what you like and what you don't, why you're alive. And then you reach a point where you don't even care. You're just breathing, not living, just over there breathing and trust me there's a big difference.

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It's like drowning. Except you can see everyone around you breathing

You're all alone, asking yourself "why am I not happy? why me?". You wake up everyday thinking you're absolutely nothing. You're not enough for anyone or anything. Why are you even there? That's what you always think, right?

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Being left all alone

Let me tell you it hurts like hell. Actually, the pain is insane. You literally feel it in your chest when you cry. That's what it's really like to be depressed. So no, we're not just in a "bad mood".

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The art of being broken..

But in the end, it gets better, it really does. And anyone needs a little help sometimes. So message me, you have nothing to lose. I won't judge you cause obvioulsy I've been through it.

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Love every single one of you with all my heart ♡