So Ariana Grande Came out with her new album ɹǝuʇǝǝʍS and I'm so excited. I wanted to share with you my personal Views on the songs.

1.Raindrops (9.5/10)

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It's short but sweet. It shows her vocals off very well and part of the lyrics is taken from one of my favorite songs by, Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. I just wish the song was longer!!!

2. Blazed. ft Pharrell (7.5/10)

I like this song its upbeat and fun to dance to but I just think it repeats a lot which is fine! I also wish Pharrell sang more.

3. The Light is Coming. ft Nicki (7.5/10)

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I love Nicki's verse and the message she's giving off with the song I just wish the video was a little bit more than her running around in the woods! Also, I wish there was more to the song! When the snippet "you wouldn't let anybody speak for this instead" it made the whole song complete. I absolutely love the message though.

4. R.E.M (9/10)

I think this song is a song I love to chill to with my friends and just vibe with it! I love the harmonies in the song!

5. God is a Woman (10/10)

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This is the most empowering song on this album other than that, I have no words for this song I just like it. Nona knew it would be a bop!

6. Sweetener (10/10)

I love singing along to this song with my friends and just dancing around. It reminds me of something that Sandy would sing in Greece about Danny. Everyone needs a Sweetener in there life whether if it's sexual or not!

7. Successful (8.5/10)

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I love how a girl knows what she's done and how she successful, she is and I enjoy that. I just wish it was more upbeat or have a 90s feel to it.

8. Everytime (8.5/10)

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I love this song especially when the song first starts it reminds me of a 90s song you'd hear on the radio. It also gets me in my feels!

9. Breathing (8.5/10)

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I love the song it just isn't for me that's all!

10. No Tears Left to Cry (100000000000/10)

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I love this song because its fun to sing along to and it sends a good message. It's about the Manchester bombing and how she's come to a happier place after it. I think everyone should feel that way about everything in life. Ill still bop to it in public no matter how much the song is played.

11. Borderline ft. Missy Elliot (8.5/10)

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12.Better off (8.5/10)

It's a song to vibe with it's not my favorite though!

13. Goodnight n go (10/10)

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I love the start of this song! It gets me in my feels its a sexual song but when she said "Oh, why'd you have to be so cute, It's impossible to ignore you, ah Why must you make me laugh so much? It's bad enough we get along so well Just say goodnight and go" It 100%%%%%% gets me in my feels. I also love the harmonies and the base towards the end there amazing.

14. Pete Davidson (9.5/10)

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I love how she's showing her love for Pete I ship it I stan it I love it. I just wish it was longer!

15. Get well soon (unscoreable)

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I have no words for this song it's for all of the Beautiful and strong people that were affected in the Manchester bombing. It's a sappy ballad but at the same time upbeat and happy showing that there is a better place than the dark place everyone was in at the time.


I hope you guys enjoyed this its something different from What I've usually done!

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