1.- Consequences - Camila Cabello

broken heart, cheap, and consequences image dylan spouse, consequences, and camila cabello image
cancion, consequences, and letras image

2.- Without You - Lana del Rey

lana del rey, black and white, and without you image dreams, lights, and quote image

3.- The Night We Meet - Lord Huron

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4.- A 1OOO Times - Hamilton Leithauser

amour, Dream, and histoire image video, rostam, and hamilton leithauser image

5.- Wait - M83

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6.- Mystery Of Love - Sufjan Stevens y 7.- Visions Of Gideon

adore, book, and me image

8.- All I Want - Kodaline

Temporarily removed Lyrics, music, and song image

9.- Never Enough - The Greatest Showman

Lyrics, stars, and never enough image gif, music, and shine image

10.- Moving On - Kodaline

black, grunge, and quotes image Temporarily removed

11.- Jeaulus - Labrinth

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12.- Sing Of The Times - Harry Styles

Harry Styles, Lyrics, and one direction image

13.- Speak Up - Pop Etc

perfeita, speak up, and breaking dawn 2 image

14.- The Only Exception - Paramore

paramore, hayley williams, and the only exception image

15.- Too Good At Goodbyes - Sam Smith

Lyrics, song, and sam smith image

16.- Stay With Me - Sam Smith

grunge, stay, and moon image Image removed

17.- When I Was Your Man - Bruno Mars

heart, love, and break image yellow, bruno, and layout image
Lyrics, quotes, and regrets image

18.- Photograph - Ed Sheeran

photograph and ed sheeran image ed sheeran, ginger, and drawing image

19.- Brillas - León Larregui

leon larregui, solstice, and zoe the band image leon larregui, song, and brillas image

20.- Soñé - Zoé

zoé; soñé image zoé soñé frases image

21.- Desencuentro - Residente

Temporarily removed cancion, frases, and textos image

22.- Lo que construimos - Natalia Lafourcade

Temporarily removed farewell, natalia lafourcade, and r w image

23.- Déjenme Llorar - Carla Morrison

beautiful, mexican, and mexico image

24.- Hasta la piel - Carla Morrison

amor, cry, and song image

25.- Saturno - Pablo Alboran

frases, amor, and grunge image amor, frases, and grunge image

26.- Donde está el amor - Pablo Alboran y Jesse & Joy

love image

27.- Make Me Cry - Noah Cyrus & Labrinth

cry, gif, and noah cyrus image make me cry and noah cyrus image

28.- From the dinning table - Harry Styles

Temporarily removed wallapaper, lockscreen, and Harry Styles image

29.- Hate to see your heartbreak - Paramore

paramore image

30.- Never be like you - Flume feat. Kai

flowers, flume, and Lyrics image flume, music, and spotify image

31.- One Last Song - Sam Smith

alternative, blue, and Darkness image

32.- Palace - Sam Smith

Temporarily removed

33.- All I Ask - Adele

Adele, amor, and frases image Adele and all i ask image

34.- Saved - Khalid
Esta canción es mi favorita de todas, me encanta, no puedo parar de escucharla cuando la pongo.

goodbye, music, and times image aesthetic, aesthetics, and american image
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