you're in for a hell of a future.

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first, i wanna tell you thank you.

thank you for taking the time to love the girl who has been broken down so many times, not just by others, but also by herself.

thank you for accepting me for me. thank you for holding me tight when i can't sleep because i'm thinking about the past and it's too painful of a memory for me to be able to hold back the tears. thank you for putting up with me when it's 2 am and i wake up starving for pancakes so i decide it's time to host a cooking show in the middle of the night. thank you for listening to me scream the lyrics to any kane brown or frankie ballard song, besides the ones played on the radio, because you know i like lesser-known music better than the popular songs.

next, i need to apologize.

i don't mean to fight with you. it's most likely my fault we're fighting, and i'm sorry. I've always been hard-headed and stubborn, that's nothing new. just tickle me until i stop being a beach and we'll go get ice cream after that.

also, there are some things you're gonna have to put up with if we're gonna be married:

  • i sing every song that comes on the radio
  • i love random road trips with no destination
  • sometimes i like to disappear from everyone and everything
  • change is the scariest thing in the world to me, so bare with me if we do something out of the ordinary
  • the nights that i can't sleep, i like to write short stories and songs
  • during the day when there's nothing to do i like to write short stories and songs
  • i write short stories and songs when there's something i'm procrastinating on
  • i REALLY like writing short stories and songs, and i'd like to think i have somewhat of a decent voice
  • hi i already have our childrens names picked out whoops!

lastly, there's a lot that's happened to me.

i have every kind of issue you could think of, and it's been an interesting life for me. one of my biggest fears (for reasons that you'll know) is loving someone who doesn't love me back. so please, if you're really going to love me, love everything about me; my flaws, my mistakes, my weird habits and tendencies, everything. i need someone who's going to fully commit.

- your wife