Hey guys! My name is Marcela and today I am going to write the day 5 of the tag "30 Days Writing"! I hope you like it and know me better!

Day 5: List five places you want to visit

OMG! I want to go to so many places! But I have to choose at least 5 to put on this list so...

1- California

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I really want to go to California sooo much! This place is so beautiful and so inspire. This is one of my biggest dream and I hope to go soon.

2- Hawaii

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I love Hawaii's vibes! This place looks so peaceful, with so much love and fun. I want to go to this place someday to live this experiences myself.

3- Italy

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I love Italy! I don't know why but I just love everything about it! Italy besides being one of the most beautiful places it has a great food. Italy is just perfect.

4- Argentina

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A place outside the US-Europe cycle Iwant to visit is Bariloche in Argentina. I've never seen snow and there it snows! You can ski on the mountains and it looks like sooo cool.

5- Fernando de Noronha

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Ok, this place is located in my country (if you don't know I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil). That is one of the most beautiful place in my country. Actually, Fernando de Noronha is an island and is in a state of Brazil. That is the place I want to visit the most of my country because this island is magic, beautiful, peaceful and has all the love that Brazil can offer.

So guys that is some 5 places I want to visit. I hope you liked it and can know my country better with this list. Thank you for your patience with my english, I'm still learning. And thanks for read my article.
Stay beautiful!