Who doesn't love a good selfie? It's ok... you can admit it! In honor of the launch of the fabulous Museum of Selfies in Hollywood, we're rounding up a list of our favorite selfies in history!

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Best selfie.... ever

oscar, Jennifer Lawrence, and Angelina Jolie image

This might be up for a world record for the most people ever in a selfie!

kylie jenner, met gala, and kim kardashian image

T-Swift and a kangaroo?! What more could you ask for?!

Taylor Swift, kangaroo, and selfie image

Selfie meets ultra glam at the Met Gala

kim kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and kiss image

Beyonce has a selfie twin!

beyoncé, selfie, and mrs carter image

Brb... looking up how to be as effortlessly chic as Selena Gomez

Inspiring Image on We Heart It

You KNOW how we feel about Noah...

acteur, actor, and adorable image

Justin Bieber and Mason Ramsey at Coachella... can it get any cuter?!

coachella and selfie image

Can you say GLOWING?!

gigi hadid, model, and celebrity image

Zendaya pulls off #nomakeup better than anyone

zendaya, beauty, and celebrity image

The ultimate sister duo

brunettes, celebrity, and fashion image

Silly selfies are the best selfies

kj apa, archie andrews, and riverdale image


ariana grande, nicki minaj, and jessie j image


demi lovato, beauty, and singer image

And we can't forget our favorite from the Biebs!

justin bieber, bieber, and justin image