As I think it has happened to several, we usually find our first love in high school, because at that age, one already thinks better some things, we have more experience about others, but I believe that in love, one always learns something new. That happened to me.

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When I met I'm not crazy to say his name, he used to ask my friends (2 friends) about what was my name. The day he spoke to me arrived, I was very surprised when he separated from his group of friends with whom he was always.
Literal, I opened my eyes a lot and I do not remember what he told me exactly but I remember thinking * Damn, calm down *

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Literal, those eyes had.

If I tell WHOLE the story, very possibly stop reading or read everything and end up in depression with me, so... I'd better tell:

S O M E❤️N I C E💚D E T A I L S💜

I think that the best detail, although also a bit strange, I do not know how you take it, in fact it is very important because it is that it ¡HIS BIRTHDAY IS ONE DAY AFTER MiNE! What coincidence not? Believe me, I was surprised just like you.

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I want to think we had a game, because I see it that way. The game was that when he was distracted, I would see him, do not think it was harassment, because I do not feel like that, I liked to appreciate how beautiful it was, if accurate, being like in the movies when you look at someone and that person discovers you, that happened, it was shameful but very funny, sometimes that happened to him, I would discover it.

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I think we also have another game, but this one is not as tender as the previous one. This game is to see who first removes the look when eye contact occurs.
We played this when we finished, I usually think that the first one to look away, does not care about the other, the truth is that when I took it off first, it was only because I could not stand that he takes his eyes off.

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