"It's my turn"

he grumbles walking inside the closet. His worn out cape dragging across the floor.

"We'll see about that sweetheart"

she snickers crouching down to crawl under the bed. Carefully tucking in her long, light, dress.


he looks at her with disgust in his face.

"Ugh you obviously like it."

she says with a chirpy voice obviously painted with such sarcasm before she rolls her eyes.

"Oh shut it, who would like to be called such thing from your mo--. ."

he looks at her dislocated jaw and ripped mouth, that rings his ears as he likes the soothing voice she has, the smooth cheekbones she has, the pointy tip of her nose, the hypnotizing purple eyes that glows and sparkles despite the blackness that surrounds her when she hides under the bed--.

"Take a picture it might last long."

she smiles sarcastically at him before sinking deeper through the darkness. her eyes starting to show the glow he was thinking about.

he's had enough of this.

he walks out of the closet walking to the creature's place.

she looks up to him with dead eyes to shoo him off.

but he didn't.

Instead, he crouched down, resting his arms in his knees before resting his head over it, looking at her with playful eyes.

"I already have. Tons."

he says smiling.

she furrowed her eyebrows, her mind processing what he just said thinking, what does he mean to-- and it hits her.

her eyes widen expanding the sparkly eyes, she felt her body stiffen as she avoids her gaze from him.

"Aww~ I made the little monster flustered now did I?"

he coos and reached his hand to rub her soft, red hair.

she gets to her senses and swats his hand away and gave him a death glare

he just giggles and pokes her cheek before flicking her forehead, his face instantly dropping to a death glare

"Ah that ghost dealer owes me 50 rins"


"We made a bet. He told be you're not an easy one. . but I guess the situation awhile ago proved my bet."

he says proudly fixing his cape.

hmm oh this cape of his that he dearly love

she thought

"Not surprised you talk about me to other monsters."

"Not the point."


she teases.

he rolls his eyes before saying,


he speaks before standing up lazily walking to his closet.

but she clawed his cape both of their ears perked up as they heard the riippp

both monsters froze.

"You did not rip my cape now did you?"

he says with such chilling voice that scares humans, but made the monster under the bed giggle.

"Oh I just did now did I?"

she says proudly as she tries to contain her laughter.

he finally turns around and grabbed the end of his cape, his face in horror and rage.

oh he wanted to punish the giggling monster.

"You are seriousl--"

both eyes widen when they heard footsteps near the door.

both rushed to their places, silence covering the whole room.

`the footsteps were getting nearer and nearer. . `

soon, the door opens with an eeek sound.

few steps inside the room.

the owner of the footsteps did her own thing, kicking her shoes off, throwing her jacket, making a clack sound as it hit the closet. And finally jumping to bed. Irritating the creature beneath it.

they let the human get into bed, as they waited for her to still, signaling them that she's asleep.

the two glowing eyes made a feisty contact as if trying to laser beam each other.

1. . . .2 . . .--

"So did you ask her out now this time?"

she speaks, making the two monsters freeze and stop their breathing, if they were even breathing.

inspired and credits to this person who gave this idea for me to write this short story? : https://www.pinterest.ph/pin/376613587585059497/

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