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I would want to fight, really, for all the things which (in my opinion) mess around in this world of shit. I would want to speak wars, sexism, hyper-sexualism, homophobia, racism and heights of the other things.

I would not know how to choose a only subject, they affect me all.

First there is sexism: one day, someone assigned fundamental rules specific to biological sex that we attribute to the human being; we don't know who, when or why, but this person has succeeded in submitting us to more universal rules than human rights; boys love sport and sex tend that girls tend fashion and other bullshit like that. It's getting to me. Then, there are all these people who fought so that women could wear pants, I want to fight for the guys to wear skirts and dresses. So they can abuse the highlighter and varnish without being judged. I want to fight for it.

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Fuckin' homophobia too. I don't think I'm a lesbian or bi, but maybe I will become one, maybe my kids will be, and I don't want them to have to fight to love, to be able to love. Religion, society, morals, all those factors that put us all in mind that a couple is necessarily a man with a woman. Love, because it is the basis of the couple, it can be with a woman and a man or two women or two men. . . Maybe two men and a woman, three men. . .

I think we should let people love each other.

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I wish I could be useful for something, I don't know how to help change a little thing.

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