• Robert Downey Jr.
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  • Leo Dicaprio
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  • Heath Ledger
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  • James Mcavoy
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  • Johnny Depp
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  • Benedict Cumberbatch
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  • Michael Fassbender
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  • Eddie Redmayne
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  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt
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.Hugh Jackman

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  • Jude Law
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  • Sam Claflin
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  • Josh Hutcherson
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  • Stephen Amell
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  • Paul Walker
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  • Robert Pattinson
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  • Dylan O´brien
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  • Zac Efron
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  • Evan Peters
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  • Matthew McConaughey
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  • Freddie Highmore
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  • Paul Rudd
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  • Mark Ruffalo
dolores, michelle williams, and shutter island image