bonjour hearters!
i've been away for so so so long but i'm back now and i'm ready to write more exciting, bewitching and spellbinding articles! so, i have so many inspirations and i really wanted to write a new article so i decided that i should write about people that inspire me, i hope you enjoy.

1. Emma Watson.

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emma watson is literally a blessing, she's gorgeous, talented, sweet, enchanting and kind, she inspires me everyday and she's the best Hermione/Belle that there could ever be.

2. Michael Jackson.

michael jackson, king of pop, and stranger in moscow image michael jackson image
this man is a legend, he was so talented and hardworking, in all of his songs he had one message ''love one another."

3. Dua Lipa.

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she's so gorgeous, talented and cute, i love all of her songs.

4. Amybeth Mcnulty.

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she's so beautiful, talented and inspiring, she has played the role of Anne on the series called Anne with an e which is based on the Lucy Maud Montgomery's Anne Of Green Gables books and she has potrayed the role so beautifully.

5. Helena Bonham Carter.

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i love her soso much, she does such differents and crazy roles and fits in all of them, she's very talented and gorgeous and i stan her a lot.

6. Katherine Johnson.

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she was a brilliant mathematician and an amazing inspiration and she has inspired so many girls and women and she is literally 100 years old today.

so, that's it for this article, i hope u enjoyed it and i hope u have a great day, ilyy!

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