Hi guys
I‘m now having some Time so I thought I Write
an aticle about things that I do when I‘m bored.

School stuff

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I know School sucks Most of the Time but if you‘ve got Time then why not using the Time for something productive?


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And if you just want to stay in bed for a lazy day there are so many Shows for binge watching like riverdale, insatiable of Gilmore Girls.

Bullet Journal

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I love bullet journalling because it makes me be more creative and I swear it‘s fun.

Go for a Long walk

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I love going for a Walk especially in Fall because everything is so colourful and the athmosphere is soo beautiful.

Take a nap

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After a (twenty Minutes only!) nap I swear you will Feel more acitve and productive again.

Bake something

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In Fall I love to bake especially cinnamon rolls and Apple Pie. There is nothing bettet than that.

Clean Update your room

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And within that I also mean decorate your room Fall themed with some candles or fairy lights and stuff.

Clean up your closet

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Fall is the Time for wardrobe changing so put away your shorts, Tops and Summer dresses and leave some Space for Sweater, warm dresses and Skirts and some warm coats and Boots.
So that was it for today.
Hope This Article was helpful for you guys so
enjoy Fall its one of the best seasons ( in my opinion).

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